Our Mission

SURJ organizes and motivates white people to work for racial justice. We envision a society where we struggle together with love, for justice, human dignity and a sustainable world. Expand to read more.

White supremacy is woven into the fabric of every modern institution of governance and economics in the United States. Racism — the manifestation of white supremacy in our everyday lives — is devastating to people of color and is closely intertwined with all systems of oppression. It robs all of us, both white people and people of color, of our humanity.

We honor and learn from the long history of people of color and white people who have been unrelenting in their struggles for racial justice and in their drive to end all systems of oppression.

We encourage white people to act collectively and publicly to challenge the manipulation of racist fear by the ruling class and corporate elite. We know that to transform this country we must be part of building a powerful, multi-racial majority to challenge racism in all its forms, and we hope you will join us!

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The San Francisco chapter of SURJ is one of more than 150 chapters nationwide.

We support local accountability partners to dismantle racism within ourselves, in our communities, and in our city. 

To join SURJ SF and get involved in the work that we're doing, please email us at surjsf@gmail.com 

Develop the messaging & operational strategy of SURJ SF.

Motivate white people to join the racial justice movement through outreach and education.

Coordinate white people to engage in demonstrations led by people of color.

Develop and facilitate interactive events that explore race, white supremacy, identity, privilege, and community.


Organize around reparations-oriented fundraising to encourage white communities in redistributing wealth to those who have experienced harm from systems of oppression.

Engage parents and children in anti-racist work through a family-friendly lens.

Local Accountability Organizations

In San Francisco, SURJ follows the lead of many organizations and leaders of color, even as we take responsibility to work for racial justice in our own communities. We hold ourselves accountable to communities of color organizing for liberation. 

About SURJ Bay Area + SURJ National

SURJ is a national network of groups and individuals organizing white people for racial justice. You can find information about other chapters on their site.
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We also work with our Oakland-based sister chapter, SURJ Bay Area.
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