Direct Action (DAWG)

About Us & Our Work

Who we are & What we do

The Direct Action Working Group (DAWG) provides support for street actions called by POC-led groups as our capacity allows. This is often in the form of security and outreach and contingents. There are some times we have called for demonstrations opposing white supremacists and we have done some coalition work to raise support for asylum seekers.

How we work

We meet biweekly (every other Monday night) to plan our work. These days we are meeting on Zoom. Our group works on an event or project basis. Often, other organizations call on SURJ SF to be present at their events, so it is our responsibility to mobilize the chapter. We also have projects such as the 2020 SURJ SF Voter Guide that are more structured.

Core objectives

  1. Being present, organizing a contingent at actions put on by POC-led orgs

    1. Provide/allow for easier access for people to get involved and showing up at direct actions.

    2. Provide training explaining how to show up appropriately at an action

  2. Providing Security for actions put on by POC-led orgs

  3. Organizing direct actions put on by SURJ

  4. Organizing political education & engagement

  5. Working with local communities to build support for asylum seekers and support of border organizations like Al Otro Lado

What skills are we looking for?


People looking to get involved with Direct Action, going to protests, but need a group to organize with (no experience necessary).


We're looking for people that are consistent, dependable, patient, flexible, willing to grow/learn and be challeged.

Recent Projects

  1. 2020 San Francisco/ California Voter Guide

  2. Palestine statement

  3. De-escalation and demonstrations security training

  4. Security for several BLM demos last summer and several Palestine demos this past spring.

  5. Some San Quentin organizing in summer of 2020

  6. LWOP webinar

  7. “Anti-racist” bandana fundraising drive for the Bay View Newspaper

  8. Political education events with AROC and SFCHRP


Interested in organizing with DAWG? Please fill out this form, or email